Don’t hire the wrong roofer!

Improperly Installed Roof

Damaged roof with sections of shingles crumpled and sliding off.

Above is a photo of wind and snow damage after shingles are installed incorrectly by another roofer.

The homeowner hired a ‘best price’ roofer. Notice the nails were nailed in ‘headlap’ and not in the correct location which is the nail line by the seal strip. This incorrect installation also meant that the nails penetrated through one layer only, the headlap. The weight of the snow and wind lift caused sections of roof to slide off the surface.

Properly Installed Roof

A nice looking roofing job at a home in Denver, CO.

Colorado Continental Roofing and Solar fixed the damage caused by the improper installation by the ‘best price’ roofer. The repaired roof is shown above-right.

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Colorado Continental Roofing & Solar
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